I am pleasantly surprised to know that runways are covered in crochet! Designers from Valentino to Dior are grabbing their hooks. How exciting is this?! Crocheters around the world are doing a happy dance.

Crochets are receiving a good update this spring. Think of ultra feminine dresses, stylish costumes and evening wear that are fashionable with special crochet. The fashion industry is looking for a more sustainable path, but the trends are slow and include handmade technologies that can be passed down from generation to generation. Ah, this precious family legacy lasts forever.

Do you remember how grandma perfectly wove this wonderful piece by hand ?! That's it, 2020 version. And high fashion. In other words, crochet , not only limited to swim wear , is already in the city of style, it is curved like simple minis, dresses, fashionable clothes and everything in between.