The cloth which till now was considered only a part of the lifestyle of poor laborers, Today it seems to be successful in making a distinct identity in the fashion industry.
Gamcha a word often associated with towels is a handloom textile woven in north eastern India. Thrown on the shoulder, wrapped around the head or waist, the cotton cloth with a mix of checks and stripes, mostly in red and white, it quintessentially works as a towel, a shield against the sun, even a bedsheet for most people.

Thanks to the efforts of textile revivalists like Jaya Jaitly and design house "145 east " the gamcha now has a chic update to an artful, contemporary piece of clothing .

Jaya Jaitly has been working tirelessly through her Dastkari Haat Samiti to empower artisans and spread awareness about Indian crafts. Her latest effort is to revive the handspun gamchha used in various parts of India especially in Bihar , West Bengal and Orissa.

Now-a-days designers are often seen experimenting with gamcha, And this experiment is being liked by the people, especially the youth.

The redesign of Gamche has managed to attract the attention of not just the common man but also Bollywood celebrities.